Saturday 31 May 2014

Nekromantic passed uncut in the UK

It seems that the BBFC have been at the sherry again, as they have just passed the infamous cult German shocker "Nekromantik" fully uncut for a UK release.
Originally made back in 1988, the film revolves around a young man, who's job it is to clear up after motorway accidents, who brings a corpse home for him and his partner to enjoy as they both have a necrophillia fetish.
The film has taken this long for it to be picked up for distribution here as distributors feared it would be rejected outright by the UK censors, owing to the films subject matter. 
But Arrow films, who have spent the last few years releasing many previously controversial titles, announced on May 29th that they had recently acquired the rights to this title and that the BBFC had passed it uncut.
Must say this comes as a hell of a surprise given the BBFCs track record on sexual violence and the Govts laws on depictions of "extreme" fetish material (even though this is not strictly a "fetish" movie). But I'm not compaining.
A formal release date has yet to be announced.
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