Thursday 8 May 2014

"Axeman" - US DVD review

Indie slasher “Axeman” (AKA “Axeman at Cutters Creek”) has just been released to DVD and VOD in the US and Midnight releasing where kind enough to send me over a copy to take a look at.
Set in some rural backwater of the US, a group of nine former school friends (who are all supposedly in their 20s, but don’t look a day under 35) rent out an old cabin for a weekend of partying.
Not too many people like renting this particular cabin out, due to some local legend about a murderous axeman, who supposedly prowls the area. But that doesn’t deter them (never a wise move in a horror film). Of course, no sooner does the sun go down, than they find the legend of the Axeman of Cutters Creek is all too real and the bodies begin to pile up…
Aping the basic plot of many an 80s slasher movie (in particular the “Friday the 13th films), this is a very low budget affair and the casts acting does leave a bit to be desired in places, despite the fact that several of the cast, Brinke Stevens, Tiffany Shepis and Elissa Dowling are all established actors.
Whilst former professional Basketball player Scott Pollard seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself in his role as the titular Axeman, the gore effects where very much a hit and miss affair, with some interesting kills mixed in with some dodgy CGI and duff effects. I wasn’t sure about some of the attempts at black humour either.
To summarise, if you’re a fan of low budget indie films and you like 80s slasher movies you’ll probably enjoy this, but otherwise this is not the film for you.
The films is currently out on US DVD (my screener copy was devoid of extras, unsure if the release version will contain any) as well as being available on VOD from sites like Redbox.
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