Sunday 4 May 2014

Leeds Zombie Film Festival - 11th May

The dead will walk Leeds again on Sunday the 11th May at the Cottage Road Cinema in Headingly for the 7th annual Leeds Zombie Film festival.
Emmerdale’s Dominic Brunt and Mark Charnock (Paddy and Marlon) will be presenting 12 hours of daftness and friendly zombie japery, with all proceeds going to the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals).
Dominic and Mark will give a short intro to each film and explain why it was chosen. The movies will be both old and new, giving fans of zombie culture a chance to see classics from the past on the big screen for the first time and some more recent contributions to the genre that may have passed many fans by.
A great night out (but not for the whole family.)
Films so far include...
The Battery.
World War Z (Extended gory version).
Night of the Chicken Dead (errrrmm).
...and a load of really really amazing zombie short films from around the world.
Please be aware that the Leeds half marathon is taking place during the morning. The roads should be clear by the start of the festival, but check their website nearer the time just in case.

For more info, visit the official Facebook and Twitter pages.

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