Thursday 5 December 2013

"You're Next" - in the New Year

Coming to UK DVD and Blu-Ray in the new year. "YOU’RE NEXT" was one of the most talked about horror films of 2013 from the new and critically acclaimed horror talent behind VHS, VHS2 and A Horrible Way to Die.

Starring Sharni Vinson (Bait, Step Up 3D) in her most kick-ass role to date, a lively family reunion is abruptly brought to an end when a gang of mysterious killers, disguised in animal masks, wage an all-out assault on the Davison's secluded home. Using a series of sophisticated traps, axes, crossbows and machetes, the family are slaughtered one by one until nowhere is safe. But neither the attackers, nor their victims, have counted on Erin (Vinson); an innocent girlfriend who has the killer instinct to fight back...

Directed by Adam Wingard and also starring filmmakers Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies, VHS) and Ti West (The ABC’s of Death, VHS) and horror/ cult favourite Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond), the film comes to DVD and Blu-ray 13th January 2014 with a whole host of extras, including...

-No Ordinary Home Invasion: The Making of You’re Next
-Audio Commentary with Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett, Sharni Vinson and Barbara Crampton
-Audio Commentary with Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett

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