Monday 2 December 2013

Cybercandy present - "Emergency Zombie Survival Rations"

I'm sure you've all seen "ZombieLand"? Well if you're planning to stock up on food and supplies in preperation for the zombie apocalypse, Cybercandy have the ideal foodstuff for you.
Presenting "Emergency Zombie Survival Rations", just stockpile a ton of these and should the dead start to walk, you need never worry about about living in a world without Twinkies again!!!!
Each ringpull can contains 2x Fresh Twinkies.
The ideal Xmas present for the ardent zombie survivalist.
Note, this is really a novelty food item. Twinkies do have an expiration date, even though they're sealed in a can. These particular ones are dated January 2014.
For more info about these, checkout Cybercandy

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