Tuesday 31 December 2013

Help get "Death Walks" into the major festivals - Kickstarter Campaign

"Death Walks" is the new zombie film by director Spencer Hawken and producer Lucinda Rhodes. Whilst the film was created for nothing, relying entirely on the good will of the film crew, actors and extras to give up their free time, unfortunately to submit it to the major film festivals, Frightfest, Cannes, Montreal etc, costs money and they need to raise £2500 to enable them to do this.
To raise funds, they've created a kickstarter campaign, can you Help? Your pledge regardless of how small could make all the difference to this movies future. Doing so will allow the spread of the movie to be more of an impact.

Pledges are from just £1, with thanks credits on IMDB, and executive and associate producer titles available at the higher spectrum.
For more info checkout the Kickstarter Campaign.

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