Monday 12 November 2012

The Sound of My Voice on DVD and BD

Take a leap into the unknown when Sound of My Voice is released on Blu-ray and DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment this November.
From Brit Marling, the acclaimed writer and star of Another Earth, this indie psycho-drama has something radical to reveal.
When documentary filmmakers Peter (Christopher Denham: Shutter Island) and Lorna (Nicole Vicius: 500 Days of Summer) infiltrate a mysterious cult led by an enigmatic young woman, Maggie (Brit Marling:  Another Earth, Political Disasters), they get more than they bargained for.
The serene but suspicious leader claims to be a traveller from the year 2054 whose vocation is to save a chosen few and prepare them for what lies ahead...
Mesmerising and manipulative, Maggie drives the young couple to question – does she truly hold the key to enlightenment or is she simply the creator of a cruel conspiracy?
The film hits UK video shelves 26th November. Extras include a Making-Of feature and feature about the Maggie character.
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