Tuesday 20 November 2012

Sound of my Voice - UK DVD review.

Twentieth Century Fox recently got in touch to tell us about their new film "Sound of my Voice" and were kind enough to send me a review disc to take a look at, so here's my review...

A young couple, Peter (Christopher Denham of "Shutter Island" fame) and Lorna (Nicoel Vicius) are looking at breaking out of their humdrum jobs and getting into the world of investigative journalism. Hoping to do an expose on religious cults, they start with a local group who's enigmatic leader Maggie (Britt Marling - "Another Earth") claims to be from the future.
Having been initiated into the group, they begin to dig into the cults activities with a view to exposing their leader as a fraud. But the deeper they get involved with them, the more Peter finds himself drawn towards Maggie's stories. Even when his girlfriend Lorna uncovers just who this Maggie really is...
Not strictly a horror movie, this is really more of a psychological thriller. Sadly though the movie just didn't work for me, as it seemed really slow and I prefer films that are bit more action packed, which this wasn't. In fact this kind of felt like it was intended as a TV episode for a detective drama or something, but was expanded to feature length, as there seemed to be a lot of padding in the plot.
There was an interesting twist in the end, but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. If you enjoy psychological thrillers you might enjoy this, but lovers of mainstream horror features may not.
The disc is bare bones, and devoid of any supplemental material.
The films is available on both DVD and Blu-Ray and is released to stores Nov 26th.
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