Thursday 22 December 2011

Day of the Dead Fan Bible eBook

One for all you fans of George Romero's classic "Living Dead" films, TriCoast Publishing is pleased to present a multimedia experience in horror with the "Day of The Dead Fan Bible" (Enhanced Edition). The TriBook Fan Bible is a must have for anyone who appreciates the sinister genius that is Romero.

TriBooks (enhanced video eBooks) allows Day of the Dead fans to read the original never before published screenplay deemed "too horrific to bring to life", including every gory detail oozing out of the screen.

Read George A. Romero's original script, watch clips from the film examined, exposed and explained by the director himself. Listen as Special Effects Pioneer Tom Savini reveals for the first time ever, the method behind the madness. Travel underground with Production Designer Cletus Anderson as he walks you through the cold, dark, legendary bunker they called home for the four month production of Day of the Dead.

The TriBook, or video enhanced eBook format, is a compelling blend of mixed media components designed to captivate your senses, making this an exciting new way to go behind the scenes. It includes the original screenplay, storyboard illustrations, clips from the movie, and interviews and commentary with the director, special effects artists, producers, and cast and crew.

Due to the disturbing and explicit nature of this content, Day of the Dead Fan Bible is not recommended for anyone other than true fans.

Available to download from iTunes.

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