Tuesday 23 March 2021

Arrow to release "THRESHOLD" in May

Arrow Films have acquired all rights in the UK, Eire, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for THRESHOLD, an emotionally gripping possession road movie that was shot in two iPhones over the course of a 12-day road trip with a crew of three, largely improvised by the lead actors.

This is the second feature film from co-directors Powell Robinson and Patrick R. Young, and is an intelligent, engaging and beautifully shot character-led horror / drama.  It tells the story of a pair of siblings embarking on a voyage of new discovery.  

After joining a cult, Virginia (Madison West) believes herself to be possessed and somehow bonded to a complete stranger. Estranged from her family after years of drug addiction, she confides to her brother Leo (Joey Millin) who reluctantly agrees to take her on a cross-country road trip to find the man and escape the curse. But as their journey continues, there is a growing feeling that her instincts may be right, and that their ultimate destination may prove to be more shocking than either of them could ever imagine.

The film had its public World Premiere at the Salem Horror Fest in the US in October 2020 and premiered in the UK at the Soho Horror Film Festival in the UK in November 2020

THRESHOLD will be available via Arrow Player 3rd May

Visit..  https://www.arrow-player.com/

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