Friday 19 March 2021

10 Question with Jayne Wisener - star of THE HEIRESS

As supernatural horror film THE HEIRESS goes on digital release this month, lead actress Jayne Wiseman talks about her love of singing, coping with lockdown and her new period drama, Glow & Darkness.

Q) You star in a new British supernatural horror film, THE HEIRESS. Tell us how you got the part and what is was about the script that appealed to you.

I worked with David Wayman a few years ago and he mentioned me to Chris when they were discussing the project. Chris reached out me and we had a great chat about the project. I was really excited about the concept. I love supernatural horror in general and this was something I’d not quite seen before. 

Q) What did you find most demanding about playing Anna?

I found the role came quite naturally to me. Weirdly I was even five weeks pregnant when we started filming! I have a sister too so I understand the dynamics of a close female bond. The hardest thing was probably trying to change my accent to sound as much like Candis as possible! 

Q)You’ve worked in the horror genre before. Tell us about your part in Boogeyman 3.

That was a very small role right at the end of the movie. But it was fun to be a part of!

Q) Your first movie role was playing Johanna Barker in Tim Burton’s Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Quite a career entry! Looking back, how do you reflect about the whole experience?

The entire experience was phenomenal. Everything completely incredible and I’m so grateful. I was very young though and spent a lot of time feeling very overwhelmed and insecure. I wish I had lived in the moment and allowed myself to enjoy it more than I did! 

Q) You enjoyed a three-year stint in the popular BBC Northern Ireland drama series 6 Degrees. What were the highlights for you?

Oh I adored doing that show. I got to live and work in Belfast with an incredible cast and crew who became such great friends. 

Q)You were born in Ballymoney and grew up in Coleraine. Have your Northern Irish roots continued to be important to you in terms of your career choices?

I have always jumped at every opportunity to work in Northern Ireland. I just love home. So much so that I actually moved back this year! 

Q) You’ve said you’re really proud of playing Lauren, the feisty schoolgirl in The Inbetweeners. Tell us more.

I was a fan of the show when it originally aired. It has since become a huge cult comedy with a massive following worldwide. Over ten years later, it continues to appeal to new generations of young people. I am so proud to have been a part of it. 

Q) You’re also a singer and have appeared in many successful musicals, such as Northern Ireland Opera’s co-production of Kiss Me, Kate. How do you plan to carry on with that part of your career?

I love singing and I really miss it when I don’t do it. Hopefully, I will have more opportunities to sing in the future. The pandemic has completely destroyed live theatre which devastates me. As soon as I’m asked to sing on a stage again I’ll savour every second. 

Q) How have you coped with lockdown?

I’ve been kept fairly busy during lockdown as I have a 2 year old son. I did struggle massively with my mental health last year during the initial lockdown to be honest. However, on the whole I have been very lucky. I live at home now so I’m able to bubble with family. But I do miss a lot of people terribly.

Q) Finally, what’s next for you?

I recently finished filming a nice role, playing Beatrice of Burgundy, in the upcoming medieval TV drama series ‘Glow & Darkness’ about the life of Francis of Assisi.  I’m looking forward to that being aired. Aside from that, I’m continuing with self tapes and hoping that the entertainment industry returns to some version of normal in the near future! 

THE HEIRESS is out now and available to download from all major platforms including iTunes, Amazon & SKY Box Office.


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