Wednesday 20 January 2021

Satirical Horror ‘THE COLUMNIST’ - Skewering Trolls from 12TH MARCH

This year, keyboard warriors need to be careful who they offend online, as THE COLUMNIST is unleashed in cinemas and on Digital platforms, courtesy of Vertigo Releasing, on 12th March in the UK and Ireland.

Synopsis: Newspaper columnist and author Femke Boot is suffering from writers’ block, and her mood isn’t improved by the torrent of abuse and death threats she receives daily on social media. When she discovers that her obnoxious, loud neighbour is one of the anonymous people posting vile comments, she snaps and takes matters into her own hands. As she finds herself able to write again, she sets out on a mission - track down the trolls and deliver some swift, polite and deadly vengeance.

Starring Westworld's Katja Herbers,
THE COLUMNIST, a stand-out at last year’s FrightFest, is a savagely satirical, gory and wholly thrilling look at what happens when the victim of online abuse says “enough is enough”.  Smartly scripted and slicky directed, with some wonderfully pitch-black set pieces, it is sure to provoke debate around the prescient topic of social media’s impact on basic civility. 

It’s Death Wish for the online generation, and you’ll be cheering as Herbers gets the next foul-mouthed victim in her sights.

‘THE COLUMNIST’ will be released in selected cinemas and on Digital Platforms from 12th March.


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