Saturday 1 February 2020

HARPOON - out now on UK BD.

Having premiered last year on Arrow videos streaming channel, festival hit HARPOON, from director Rob Grant (Alive, What Doesn’t Kill You), is now available to buy on UK BD.

With his perfect family and perfect upbringing, Richard (Christopher Gray) appears to have it all. So when he thinks that his long-term girlfriend, Sasha (Emily Tyra), and best friend, Jonah (Munro Chambers), are having an affair, it sends him into a fit of rage that leaves Jonah a bloody mess. Once Jonah and Sasha convince Richard the allegations are false, Richard tries to buy back their trust by taking them out for a day-trip on his family’s yacht.

Tension boils over once out at sea, and to make matters worse, the yacht’s engine fails. Stranded without food and supplies, the trio must set aside their differences in order to survive. One-part post-modern Edgar Allan Poe adaptation, one-part Knife in the Water with the cast of Seinfeld, Harpoon is a wickedly humourous and bloody deconstruction of friendship and love.

You can read my review of it HERE.

The Disc comes with the following special features...

- Director and Producer Audio Commentary
- Director;s Psychedelic Audio Commentary
- Making of feature
- Deleted scenes with audio commentary
- Diving Deeper : B-roll footage with audio commentary
- Interview with director Rob Grant at the Frightfest UK Premiere
- Introdction and Q&A from the UK's Frightfest Premiere
- Frightfest TV interview with Director Rob Grant4
- Theatrical trailer

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