Saturday 1 February 2020

UNDER THE SHADOW - out on Limited Edition BD

Coming to UK BD, part ghost story, part social thriller with cutting political commentary, Iranian director Babak Anvari’s Sundance 2016 hit "Under the Shadow" is set for its UK Blu-ray debut on 10 February, in a feature packed Limited Edition box set, courtesy of Second Sight.

1988 Tehran, Shideh (Narges Rashidi) is rejected by her medical school as a consequence of her politically active history. Her husband is sent off to serve in the Iran-Iraq War. Iraqi air raids are drawing perilously close to their own apartment. 

As neighbours and friends flee from a city in chaos, Shideh and her daughter Dorsa (Avin Manshadi) are left on their own. But Dorsa starts to become increasingly ill and disturbed. Tantrums sparked by a missing doll are initially dismissed, but as they worsen Shideh becomes terrified that they’ve been targeted by a djinn – a malevolent spirit that steals from those it seeks to possess.

Drawing comparisons to Jennifer Kent’s breakout hit The Babadook for its nuanced exploration of motherhood through horror, Under the Shadow also unflinchingly examines the female experience of war and of everyday suppression and the demons it creates.


- Two & Two – Babak Anvari’s BAFTA Award nominated short film
- Escaping The Shadow: a new interview with director Babak Anvari
- Within the Shadow: a new interview with actor Narges Rashidi
- Forming the Shadow: a new interview with producers Lucan Toh and Oliver Roskill
- Shaping the Shadow: a new interview with cinematographer Kit Fraser
- A new audio commentary with Babak Anvari and Jamie Graham
- Limited Edition of 2,000
- Rigid slipcase featuring new artwork by Christopher Shy
- Soft cover book with new essays by Jon Towlson and Daniel Bird plus behind-the-scenes photos and concept illustrations
- Poster featuring new artwork

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