Saturday 1 February 2020


A school trip to a petting zoo goes seriously awry in the Ozzie zombie comedy, LITTLE MONSTERS, which comes to UK disc and Digital Download this month from Altitude entertainment,

Dead-beat musician Dave (Alexander England – ALIEN COVENANT) has fallen on hard times, kicked out by his girlfriend and forced to crash on the couch at his sisters place, where he reluctantly agrees to help her with childcare and domestic duties.

But after a chance encounter with his nephews music teacher Miss Caroline (Nupita Nyong’o – US), he quickly becomes infatuated and volunteers to help out on their upcoming school trip, in order to try and chat her up.

Their trip to the zoo subsequently runs into trouble though, when a horde of zombies from the military facility next door break out and go on the rampage. Devouring the animals, then the other visitors. As Dave and Miss Caroline are forced to battle their way through he hoardes of undead to try and get the children to safety.

Lots of wildly inappropriate humour ensues, as the zombies start tearing apart and eating everyone around the startled children and Dave and Miss Caroline have to use their musical instruments to club the zombies to death as well as encountering an extremely foul mouthed kids entertainer, who hates children.

Exceptionally gory, the film is terrific fun. The film puts a whole new shine on the phrase “Feeding time at the zoo”. If you like zombie comedies like Shaun of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead, you should love it.

Little Monsters is released to Disc and Digital Download February 10th from Altitude Entertainment. 

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