Wednesday 9 January 2019

Occupation - A review

Aliens invade rural Australia, in director Luke Spark's Sci-Fi thriller OCCUPATION which comes to UK Disc and Download sites this month from Altitude entertainment.

The residents of a remote country town in rural Australia get a nasty shock when Aliens invade during a football match, blowing up the stadium and several popcorn stands in the process.

Why did they invade some remote backwater, and not a major city? Well, who knows (most probably, the budget wouldn't allow for it)!
Anyway, a group of friends escape in a campervan and head out into the outback, where they quickly set themselves up as a resistance group. Killing a bunch of aliens, stealing their weapons and recruiting other survivors to boost their numbers.
What follows is a series of running battles as they try to stay one step ahead of these bug eyed monsters as they try and find some way of fighting back.
Kind of "Red Dawn" meets "Independance Day", the basic premise may seem a little silly, but this was an entertaining enough low-budget sci-fi actioner with some surprisingly good special effects, which has proved a huge hit amongst Australian audiences (so much so, they are already filming a sequel).

No supplemental material was included on the disc, which is a pity.

If you like films like SKYLINE, you'll probably enjoy it.

OCCUPATION is released on DVD, Blu-ray and Digitaly on 21st January 2019 by Altitude Film Entertainment.

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