Saturday 26 January 2019

"Crucible of the Vampire" - A review.

A young girl gets more than she bargained for whilst looking at ancient artefacts in rural Shropshire, in Iain Ross-McNamee's modern day gothic chiller "Crucible of the Vampire" which is getting a limited theatrical run Feb 1st, ahead of its home entertainment release.

The owner of a rather large, but somewhat dilapidated, stately home up in Shropshire claims to have found the missing half of a medieval cauldron, that was once owned by matthew Hopkins, the infamous Witchfinder General. So the museum dispatches one of their curators, young Isabelle (Katie Goldfinch), to verify if its real, or if he's just trying scam the museum.

But whilst the artefact does indeed match the half held by the museum, it seems that's not the real reason Isabelle was lured there and owners Karl (Larry Rew - Underworld : Rise of the Lycans), his wife Evelyn (Babette Barat - The Loutus Eaters) and eccentric daughter Scarlett (Florence Caddy) are harbouring a very dark secret. One that involves blood, black magic and demonic worship. Though she may have found an ally in Robert the groundsman, played by TV actor Neil Morrisey (Men Behaving Badly) appearing in a non-comedy role for a change. Who has also suspected something isn't quite right with the place.

Directed by newcomer Iain Ross-McNamee, the film kind of had a made for TV feel to it, but was an interesting enough occult chiller, although the vampire aspect only really comes into play during the last 30mins or so.

Not overly gory, but some "interesting" scenes between Isabelle and Scarlett more than made up for it.

If you like vampire films, or gothic horrors, you'll probably enjoy it.

"Crucible of the Vampire" is released to selected UK cinemas Feb 1st from Screenbound entertainment and will be available in a special UK BD/DVD Combo pack later that month.

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