Wednesday 12 December 2018


Fans of the Leprechaun films rejoice, because the LEPRECHAUN RETURNS this month in this direct sequel to the original 1993 film, which is available now on digital Download.

Some 25 years after the events, in which a pint sized Goblin with a foul mouth and an Irish accent, drove the Reading family out of their home. The property has been purchased by a nearby university as part of an eco-project to turn it into a self sustaining - off grid sorority house.

Unfortunately for the students trying to fix up the place, due to an unfortunate incident with a nosey taxi driver (Mark Holton - reprising his role of Ossie from the original film) a four-leaf clover and a gold sovereign, the evil Leprechaun from the first film is ressurected (played this time by Linden Porco) and proceeds to go on the rampage as he searches for his missing gold.

Directed by Steven Kotanski (The Void) this one was actually bloody good fun, boasting some quite inventive, not to mention gorey, kill scenes (the death by solar panel was highly memorable). Plus I liked the way they tried to maintain continuity with the first, with Lila (Taylor Spreitler - Amityville : The Awakening) being apparently releated to the family in part 1, the inclusion of original actor Mark Holton and showing the Leprechaun's strange obsession with shoes.

Of course, don't expect Jennifer Aniston (who was in the original) to put in an appearance and I was slightly dissapointed that Warwick Davis, who played the titlar monster in the original 6 films, wasn't reprising the role (he was apparently offered the part, but declined as he's gone off horror films).

But anyway, fans of the original should love it. The film is available to view Digitally now on Amazon and from all good Digital dowload sites.

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