Friday 21 December 2018

DEATH OF A VLOGGER - Terrifying New Horror Trailer released.

It's not easy being a YouTube vlogger. It takes a lot of dedication to conjure up those views, night after night but Graham is about to get some help...from beyond the grave. 

Check out the trailer on Vimeo below...

Directed by Graham Hughes, DEATH OF A VLOGGER is a horror-documentary about a vlogger who gains viral fame when one of his videos contains an alleged haunting. 

The story follows Graham as he investigates this haunting and deals with the side effects of being famous on the internet. It’s told in a traditional documentary format, including interviews, ripped YouTube videos, archive materials and new footage, whilst also functioning as a traditional horror film with tension-building set-pieces and scares.

DEATH OF A VLOGGER will join the pioneering Micro Budget Feature Film collective Tartan Features as part of the New Scottish Cinema: DIY features which punch far beyond their constraints by promoting innovation to find success. Recent additions include 'DARKNESS COMES', 'RIBBONS', 'FAR FROM THE APPLE TREE' starring The Innocents Sorcha Groundsell and John McPhail's debut feature, 'WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?' And of course Graham's previous 'A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO A SPECTACULAR SUICIDE'. 

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