Wednesday 8 November 2017

Dick Mass' thriller QUIZ hits UK VOD on Vimeo

Director Dick Maas’ (Amsterdamned, Saint, The Lift, Down, Prey) thriller Quiz, which was released in his home country Holland in 2012, is now available to view worldwide on Vimeo On Demand.

A famous game show host is harassed in a restaurant by a strange man, who claims to have kidnapped his wife and daughter. A morbid game ensues in which the game show host turns out to be the contestant.

View the trailer below...

from Dick Maas on Vimeo.

Director Dick Maas said this about the release.. 

“I’m proud to announce the worldpremiere of Quiz on Vimeo.The distribution world is changing and filmmakers can share their movies now directly with their audience through on-demand services like Vimeo On Demand, iTunes, and other platforms.
It is an ideal way to make lesser known movies available to the public. Quiz is the first one of my movies to appear on Vimeo and other platforms.  Killer Babes and Saint will follow. Some will be available worldwide, others in selected countries.”

Watch QUIZ on Vimeo.

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