Wednesday 26 July 2017


Office Space meets Battle Royale as an office block is turned into a bloody arena when the staff are pitted against each other in a vicious kill or be killed game, in this top-notch horror thriller from the creator of Wolf Creek.

From writer, producer James Gunn (Dawn of the Dead [2004], Slither), director Greg McLean (Wolf Creek, Rogue) and producer Peter Safran (The Conjuring, Annabelle), comes the story about a group of 80 American employees who are tested in a twisted social experiment of bone-crunching horror! 

Belko Industries, a normally calm workplace, gets a rude awakening when a mysterious voice on the intercom orders them to participate in a ruthless game of kill or be killed in a blood-soaking battle royale at their office building in Bogotá, Colombia. 

As the terror escalates, so does the body count. Everyone is a competitor and everyday objects become deadly weapons. Let the corporate carnage commence! 

THE BELKO EXPERIMENT is a terrifying, provocative and at times hilarious thrill-ride that literally provokes the question; what does it take to survive at work?

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment release THE BELKO EXPERIMENT to UK DVD & BD 21st August.
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