Thursday 6 April 2017

Seoul Station - UK BD review

The zombies are on the march in South Korea in the animated prequel to Train to Busan, SEOUL STATION, which is out now on UK DVD and BD from StudioCanal.

Set just prior to the events of Train to Busan, a homeless man collapses in the gutter outside Seoul’s train station, where the other vagrants come to beg for money from passing travellers. But when one of his friends returns with help, he is surprised to find the body has gone, along with the other homeless people.

Shortly afterwards, young Hae-sun becomes separated from her boyfriend when she and the other people walking past the station late in the evening are attacked by several homeless people who seem to be suffering from a rabies like virus.

As the infection spreads and the police and army start throwing up barricades around the city to contain the outbreak, Hae-Sun struggles to survive in the quarantine zone, whilst her boyfriend and father try to find a way round the blockades to bring her to safety.

Boasting some good action scenes, the film should appeal to zombie film fans and lovers of Anime style films. However, I was at a loss to explain how this film ties in with Train to Busan, being a self contained story that doesn’t share any characters, scenes or even any plot points with that film.

Extras on the disc comprise of a 15minute Making-of special, featuring interviews with the director, animators and voice artists.

As with Train to Busan, the film is in Korean, with English subtitles. So you’ll really need to pay attention to the screen to understand what’s going on.

To summarise, Seoul Station is an action packed zombie film, which should appeal to zombie film fans and lovers of Anime films, but should be viewed as a stand alone movie, as there is nothing in this that I could see to link it to Train to Busan.

The film is out now on UK BD and DVD from StudioCanal

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