Wednesday 12 April 2017

Ross Noble & Shauna Macdonald star in NAILS - This June

A nerve-stretching horror thriller from the executive producer of Assault on Precinct 13 and producers of Let Us Prey and The Hallow, that sees your worst nightmare brought to terrifying life in the form of new horror icon NAILS starring genre favourite Shauna Macdonald (The Descent 1 & 2) and Stitches star Ross Noble.

The latest in a new wave of impressive Irish horror films, this has a devilishly simple set-up - a woman in a hospital bed versus an unknown evil - and steadily ratchets the tension until it is almost unbearable.

Horror film heroine par excellence Shauna Macdonald really shines here as Dana, proving a formidable on-screen presence despite spending the majority of the running time being trapped in her hospital bed; while superstar comedian Ross Noble returns to horror genre after his turn in Stitches, providing some much needed comic relief as a nurse’s aid.

Blending elements of Paranormal Activity, and the hospital-set Halloween 2, with a ghoulish creature that wouldn’t look out of place in The Descent (the horror classic starring Macdonald) debut director Dennis Bartok delivers an ingenious, throat-grabbing chiller that provides so many jolts it should come with a general anaesthetic.

NAILS is released to select UK and Irish cinemas 16th June.


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