Wednesday 5 April 2017

My Father Die - UK DVD review

Brutal, backwoods, revenge thriller "My Father Die", which marks the directorial debut from Sean Brosnan (Pierce's son) comes to UK DVD this month from Icon entertainments ‘FrightFest Presents’ label.

Set in a remote region of the Deep South of the US, a young, partially deaf lad (Joe Anderson - The Crazies) is incensed when his abusive father, who was jailed for killing his brother and causing his disabilities, is given early parole from prison.

Not convinced the Judge's restraining order will do them much good, he decides to take matters into his own hands and take out his estranged father before he comes looking for him.

But it seems his old dad is a lot tougher to kill than he first thought, who subsequently goes on the warpath, leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake as he tries to track down his son and settle the score.

Playing kind-of like a redneck “Death Wish”, what initially starts as a gritty, deep-south, melodrama quickly escalates into a bloody action/revenge thriller, featuring some quite brutal scenes of violence as the 2 square off, culminating in an absolutely outrageous car/bike chase and gun battle.

I was extremely impressed with the directors debut, and was very surprised to see John Schneider (TV's "The Dukes of Hazard") in this, who is almost unrecognisable as a gruff detective. There are perhaps a few plot holes in some of the action scenes and there were a couple of scenes that were downright (deliberately?) hilarious, which some might say detracts from the otherwise seriousness and brutality of the story, but overall I really enjoyed this one and is a must see for cult movie fans.

Extras are limited to a selection of trailers for this and other titles.

The film is out now on UK DVD on the 'FrightFest Presents' label.

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