Thursday, 12 March 2015


JOHN SINCLAIR, Europe’s longest running pulp horror series, is to be published in the UK for the first time this month, in both E-book and audio-book format.
DCI John Sinclair works for Scotland Yard’s Special Division, an elite unit set up to investigate the most extraordinary cases. A battle-hardened veteran of Afghanistan, haunted by his past, his job takes him from Mexico and Egypt to small villages in Cornwall and Scotland. There he encounters impossible horrors beyond his wildest nightmares, from mad scientists and deadly cults to demonic curses and the walking dead…
John Sinclair is a modern reboot of Europe’s longest running horror series; launched in 1973, it has published over 1,900 episodes to date and sold over 25 million copies. Unashamedly rooted in the finest pulp traditions, these thrilling page turners combine spine-tingling horror with fast-paced, globetrotting adventure. Now for the first time, a series of brand new stories are being published internationally, as both eBooks and dramatised audiobooks:
Curse of the Undead
The Lord of the Death
Dr. Satanos
A Feast of Blood
Dark Pharaoh
The Vampire Graveyard
About the author: Gabriel Conroy was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1967. After finishing school, he joined the armed forces and was stationed in Germany for several years. Whilst travelling through Europe, he discovered his passion for writing. When he returned to the States, he studied Journalism at Los Angeles City College and UCLA, and currently works as a freelance journalist, writer and translator.
The John Sinclair eBook series is published 27th March, price £1.49 per eBook.

The first episode Curse of the Undead is published as an audiobook on the same day, with the following 5 episodes published every 2 months, price £4.99.

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