Friday, 20 February 2015

"Zombie Cats from Mars" - coming to US DVD

Production company 'MWB3  Problems' has laid out the galactic kitty-litter for its upcoming horror-comedy "Zombie Cats from Mars".  Directed by Montetr√© (Holed Up) and written by Ryan Cloutier, the ‘catastrophe’ – which came together thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter – is due for release in the US early this year.
The  story  centres  on  Billy,  an  effeminate  fan  of  vintage  science fiction  action thrillers.  His  only  friend  is  Cameron,  a  nerdy  film buff  who  tries  to  boost  his confidence  whenever  he  can.    After seeing  a  UFO  land,  Billy  retreats  into  his  head,  imagining  that  aliens  are  taking  over  the  town.  Cameron  is  skeptical,  as  is  the  rest  of  the  town.  Meanwhile, people are  starting  to  die. 
First,  the  reclusive  cat  lady  Percis  is  discovered  mutilated  by  Lester,  the  church -­‐going  husband  of  Carolyn,  Percis’s depressed  caretaker.  Random  deaths  soon  follow,  first  a  jogger,  and  then  a  janitor  at  the  Carbonics  Warehouse.  A  pair  of  news  reporters  share  this  information  with  the  public  while  the  Detective  and  his  Chief  try  to  solve  the  killings.   
Meanwhile,  the  killings  continue.  Billy,  wrapped  up  in  a  world  of  fiction,  discovers  a  story  in  which  Martian  Cats  land  on  Earth  and  inflict  horror  upon  the  town. 
Confident that  the killings  are  the  result  of  the  UFO  delivering  alien  cats,  he  sets  off  on  his  own  superhero  mission  to  save  the  town.
If you're struggling to get your head round that plot summary, here's the trailer on YouTube.

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