Sunday 16 November 2014

"The Axeman of Henderson County" - A Review

“The Axeman of “Henderson County is the debut feature of  Director Larry Parmiter who kindly sent me a review disc to take a look at. Kind of a cheeky nod to the slasher movies of the 80s, a maniac in a ski mask Is going around carving up people in and around a small rural town, in Henderson county in the US.
The Sheriff and his deputies (who are all clearly identifiable, as they have the words “Sheriff” and “Deputy Sheriff” emblazoned in large lettering on their respective baseball caps) investigate, but find no leads.
As the bodies pile up, the Towns Mayor (played by WWF wrestler ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan) is suitably outraged that the police force can’t seem to stop this maniac, who subsequently starts writing taunting letters to the Sheriff, boasting he will strike again at the next full moon.
But upon discovering the killer has a love of Jazz music, will this prove to be his undoing (watch the film, it will all make sense)?
Filmed on a budget of around $5000, utilising a lot of first time actors, the acting isn’t exactly up to “The Royal Shakespeare Company” standards, and owing to the film makers limited means, features a lot of awkward jumpy sound edits and less than impressive special effects.
However, at the same time, the film was pretty damn funny. Being filmed in an exceptionally tongue in cheek style, the film makers know they have limited means and the story seems to play up this (think along the lines of “Birdemic”). Needless to say, I thought the film was hilarious, possibly for the wrong reasons, but funny none-the-less.
So if these low budget Indie clunkers are your idea of a good evenings entertainment, then you can’t go wrong. The film makers have a number of copies of the film pressed to DVD, however these are currently only available at special film screenings.
So for more info, visit the films Facebook page
Also checkout the production companies Facebook page
View the trailer on YouTube

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