Tuesday 11 November 2014

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell making "Evil Dead" TV series

OK, for those of you who haven't already heard the news, it seems Bruce Campbell will be returning as Ash, but this time on the small screen, for a new TV series entitled "Ash Vs The Evil Dead".
The show has been ordered by the Starz TV network in the US, and will comprise of 10 half-hour episodes. Sam Raimi is writing and directing the pilot episode and will be producing the rest of the series, alongside fellow "Evil Dead" stalwart Robert Tappert.
Its been over 20 years since Bruce Campbell last appeared as Ash (not counting the guest appearance in that awful remake from the other year), back in 1993's "Army of Darkness", Raimi's third film in the Evil Dead series.
The new show will see Ash, some years later, back in his old job, squaring off against another set of deadites when evil comes to call on him once again (I'm assuming this follows on from the theatrical ending of "Army of Darkness", as opposed to the post-apocalyptic ending from the directors cut version).
The film is set to premiere on the Starz network in the US sometime in 2015. News on if and when this will be screened in the UK will be published when it becomes available.

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