Sunday 2 November 2014

Tales of Light & Dark S2: Full Moon Rising

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their award winning anthology film, THE TENEMENT, Light & Dark Productions is releasing the story "Full Moon Rising" for free for their second season of their anthology web series, TALES OF LIGHT & DARK.

Last season's episodes, "Open Call" and "GeoKilling" featured the return of Jimmy Wayne Garrick (Mike Lane - THE BLOOD SHED, FAIRVIEW FALLS), the central character of this season's episodes.  In FULL MOON RISING, we learn about Jimmy's spiral into madness as he becomes obsessed with the idea that he is turning into a werewolf after being bitten by a wild animal.
This all new new director's cut has been upgraded to high definition and has been converted to widescreen.  It also sports a new "prequel" ending that ties to events that take place in season 1. The story also marks the first collaboration of Light & Dark Productions with special makeup effects team Gerner & Spears (I SELL THE DEAD, STAKE LAND).
The complete first season is available now for free at....

TALES OF LIGHT & DARK SEASON 2: FULL MOON RISING 2 is online now, on Vimeo, YouTube and the series' official page at

The planned release schedule is:

Part 1: October 31st
Part 2: November 7th
Part 3: November 14th
Bloopers: November 21st
Behind the Scenes Photos: November 28th
Full Moon Rising Over Germany: December 5th
Full Moon Rising Commentary (with director Glen Baisley and stars Mike Lane and Frank Catalanotto) : December 12th
Interview with Actor, Jack Pruett: December 19th

View the Trailer on YouTube.

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