Wednesday 12 November 2014

"Let us Prey" - review from the Mayhem Horror Festival

Brian O'Malley's "Let us Prey" is another film I caught whilst attending The Mayhem Horror festival on Thursday October 30th (see my review of the other film The Editor). Set in a remote Scottish village, the film stars Pollyanna Macintosh (The Woman) as WPC Heggie, a fresh faced recruit, who’s just started at the towns police station on the night shift.
On her way into work on her first night, she apprehends a joy rider, who knocked over an old man. Yet strangely, the body appears to have vanished when they look round.
Having booked him in at the station, we quickly get the impression that the towns constabulary are not the nicest of folk. The officer in charge, Sgt MacReady (Douglass Russell – A Lonely Place to Die) is a gruff, old school copper, who likes to beat manners into unruly detainees.
The 2 other officers on shift that night, PC Warnock and WPC Mundie (played by “Outpost III”’s Bryan Larkin and “The Outcast”’s Hanna Stanbridge) are a seedy pair who seem more interested in pounding each other in the back of their patrol car than pounding the beat.
Anyway, they later find the old man (played by “Game of Thrones” Liam Cunningham) wandering the streets in a daze and bring him into the station, which is when things start to get weird. The local doctor comes to check him out, but then tries to attack him. Sticking them both in the holding cells, it seems the old man knows that everyone at the station, prisoners and policemen alike, are harbouring a very dark secret. Fate has brought them all together for a reason this night and their sins are all about to find them out.
Directed by newcomer Brian O’Malley, the film is a very weird supernatural tale which goes to show that karma can be a right bitch, as well as putting a whole new shine on the phrase “All Coppers are B*****ds”. In which we find these particular upholders of the law are arguably worse offenders than the people they arrest.
Overall, I was very impressed with this film. Which features a solid cast and proves to be an effective little chiller. It was certainly well received by the others at the festival, so I would definitely recommend seeking this one out when it comes to disc.
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