Saturday 7 June 2014

"Camp Dread" - UK DVD review

Big Brother meets Friday the 13th  in Camp Dread  which comes to UK DVD this month from Image entertainment, who were nice enough to send me a review copy.

The film stars noted screen baddie Eric Roberts, as Julian Barret. A former horror movie director who’s come up with a rather novel idea for a reality show.
Set at a summer camp, which they’ve wired with hidden cameras, the idea is to take group of reckless 20 year olds, who’ve gone off the rails, and try to rehabilitate them. Those who manage to stay in therapy and complete their tasks get to win a substantial cash prize. Those who don’t are “killed off” and sent back home with nothing.
Their counsellor is none other than former actress Rachel Steele, who starred in Barret’s earlier horror films (played by  “Sleepaway Camp” actress Felissa Rose), who’s since become a therapist.
But unfortunately, as filming begins, it seems there is a killer in their midst, who’s seen Barret’s old summer camp slasher films, and is looking at turning his new reality show into a real life slasher film.
Also starring horror veteran Danielle Harris (Halloween 4, Stakeland) I was really looking forward to this one. But sadly, I was left feeling a bit disappointed. For starters, there were these really long periods where nothing much happened. The acting by the supporting cast left much to be desired, the killings were very few and far between and overall the film was just way too slow.
A potentially interesting idea poorly done in my view, with Danielle Harris and Felissa Rose being woefully underused.
Extras wise, the disc was bare bones without any supplemental material. So nothing there to sweeten the deal either.
This one might appeal to slasher movie fans for the sheer novelty value of seeing Danielle Harris and Felissa Rose appearing with Eric Roberts. But otherwise, proves to be a lot less fun than it’s premise suggests…
The film is released to UK DVD June 23rd
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