Saturday 22 February 2014

"Video Nasty" - Comic Book Launch, at the Prince Charles Cinema London

Reaper Comics will release their new comic book 'VIDEO NASTY' on March 15th 2014 at The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square. The launch party will feature a special screening of the best of the previously banned; Sam Raimi’s seminal classic THE EVIL DEAD. With an introduction from the comic’s author Mario Covone & a free copy of the first issue of the series for all that attend.
The comic explores the real world politics behind government censorship and media manipulation in 1980's Britain whilst still maintaining the the core of being a fictional horror story.
Set in England, 1983. Police Inspector David Gorely must solve a string of grisly murders in his usually quiet rural town whilst contending with pressure from his superiors to find a link between the killer and the recent influx of horror home videos. The race is on to solve the case before the death toll rises whilst still dealing with the burden of connecting these heinous crimes to video nasties.
Mario Covone, writer of award nominated web strip 'CIRCLES' makes his published début with Video Nasty. Mario is the former managing director of Apocalypse Comics and was an integral part of some innovative work with conventions and bringing more comic book variant covers to the UK than any comic shop before or since.

The books artist, Vasilis Logios, makes his début to comics outside of mainland Europe, but has worked tirelessly for years in his native Greece on many comic book and graphic design works. He is also a member of the Greek Hip Hop group Tri.p.a under the Imiz Biz label.

All six covers for the series are gloriously painted by horror industry legend Graham Humphreys. Graham is responsible for some of the most iconic images in horror, including the movie posters for Evil Dead 1&2, the first five Nightmare on Elm Street films, Return of the Living Dead, From Dusk Till Dawn and many more.
Pre-orders for the series are now available through as well as in stores though Diamond Comic Distribution and UK on Display. It is also currently under review with Comixology for digital distribution.

Tickets for the launch party are available through the Prince Charles Cinema website.

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