Tuesday 25 February 2014

"Stalled" - Out now on UK disc!!!!

Christian James offbeat horror comedy "Stalled" has finally been released to UK disc. Set on Christmas Eve, whilst the office Christmas party is in full swing, hapless maintenance man WC (played by writer Dan Palmer) gets stuck in one of the cubicles in the ladies lavatory when a zombie outbreak occurs in the building.
Armed with the contents of his trusty toolbox, he has to fend off numerous assaults by the undead office workers, dressed in various festive attire, as he tries to find a way of escaping.
This one has been doing the rounds on the festival circuit for a while and has been going down a storm with both audiences and critics alike (think "Dawn of the Dead" crossed with "Phone Booth", but set in a toilet, and you get the idea). I actually had the pleasure of viewing this at the Leicester Zombie Film Festival last year and found it to be hilariously funny.
The film is available on both DVD and Blu-Ray and is said to contain the following extras...
-45 Minute Behind The Scenes.
-Opening Sequence Storyboard Comparison.
-Ladder Sequence Storyboard Comparison.
-Audio Commentary 1: Christian James, Dan Palmer, Rick Edwards.
-Audio Commentary 2: Producer Richard J Kerrigan & Exec Producer Daniel Pickering.
Buy the UK DVD at Amazon.co.uk
Buy the UK BD at Amazon.co.uk

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