Sunday 9 February 2014

Controversial horror "Abducted" coming to UK DVD this March

Hitting front page news outlets, including The Express for its SHOCKING subject matter – crime thriller; ABDUCTED is horrifying the media and festival circuit alike prior to its DVD and Blu Ray release this March 17th...
ABDUCTED and its highly controversial subject matter follows one man on a bloody path of revenge to unmask the gritty underworld of sex trafficking and abduction. Based on REAL events ABDUCTED is a hard-hitting, and often terrifying look at the reality of these atrocious crimes, and how far one parent will go for justice.
SO WHY THE CONTROVESY?? - ABDUCTED has cultivated the ‘marmite effect’ on the festival scene both in the UK and US.  While critics have awarded the film a slew of Best film noms,film execs and those of a sensitive disposition have fled screenings due to gut wrenching scenes, which sadly are a true reflection of crimes still taking place today.
View the trailer at YouTube.
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