Monday 17 February 2014

HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW premiering March 1st!

"Creepshow" meets "Elvira" on "THE HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW". A new online series, promoting the best short films from the world of horror, which kicks off in March!
Each week, "THE HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW" will showcase some of the best shorts the genre has to offer - and provide plenty of laughs (and a few beer burps!) along the way. The fun, 1 hour comedy show is hosted by Bo, Cephus and their hot kissing cousin, Lulu (whose 'Smo-Kin' Tee is a star of it's own)!
Playing the hillbilly hosts are horror stars Bo Keiser (House of Good and Evil) and Scott Geiter, aka “Gruesome Hertzogg,” of Gruesome Hertzogg Radio, with  Internationally-renowned model and actress Rachel Faulkner (Burn Notice) as Lulu.  Blu de Goyler serves as head writer.
The first horror short to be showcased on the show is the award-winning Franky and the Ant, which you can preview HERE.
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