Saturday 18 May 2013

Texas Chainsaw - UK DVD/BD review

Texas Chainsaw, the latest in the ever disjointed saga of Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, comes to UK disc May 21st and Lionsgate were nice enough to send me over a copy to take a look at.
Flashing back to the events of the 1974 original, showing the escape of Sally Hardesty from the Sawyer household, the Sheriff goes to confront the Sawyer clan, who have enlisted the help of their extended family (which features a few familiar faces in different roles) to defend the property. But just as it looks like they're about to give themselves up, an angry vigilante mob descends on the place and burns it to the ground.
Flashing forward to the present day and young Heather Miller (Alexandra Daddario), has just discovered she had a Grandmother she never knew about and that she's just inherited her rather large estate. Heading out to the property with her boyfriend Ryan (played by singer Trey Songz) and a few friends, they settle down for weekend of partying, not realising that the house, and indeed her family history, is harbouring a very dark secret.
Yes, there's an unexpected guest in the house, who's been hiding there for a number of years, and there's no prizes for guessing what happens next, as Leatherface makes an appearance and pretty soon, teens are getting sliced and diced all over the place in graphic detail.
Whilst the film does take a few liberties with the time elapsed between the original and this, If you enjoy watching madmen with chainsaws carving up teenagers, then you can't really go wrong and it was kind of interesting seeing a number of familiar faces in different roles (or even the same roles in some cases). It was also fun to see the film taking a few shots at the SAW franchise as well.
Originally released to cinemas in 3D, Lionsgate are releasing the film on 3D Blu-Ray as well as on 2D Blu-Ray and DVD for those who have yet to invest in a 3D TV. I was sent the standard DVD to review, but to be honest the film doesn't really lose anything from not being in 3D.
Extras on the disc are exactly the same for each release, which includes
-Audio commentary with Director John Luessenhop and actor Dan Yeager
-Audio commentary with Producer Carl Mazzocone and Filmaker Tobe Hooper
-Audio commentary with original Chainsaw stars Bill Mosely, Gunnar Hansen, Marilyn Burns and John Dugan
-Texas Chainsaw Legacy - Cast and crew members old and new discuss the original 74 film
-Ressurecting the saw - making of feature
-The old Homestead - a look at how they recreated the original house for the film
-Casting Terror - Behind the scenes interviews with the cast of the film
-Leatherface 2013 - Interview with Dan Yeager, the new Leatherface.
-Lights Camera Massacre - The crew discuss how they shot the film in 3D
-It's in the Meat - Special effects feature looking at how they did the gore
-5 Minute Massacres - Behind the scenes footage of how they shot all the death scenes
-Alternate opening - A slightly different take on the scene where the Sheriff confronts the Sawyers
A nice selection of extras, was slightly dissapointed that they didn't include a theatrical trailer though, as I always enjoy those.
Anyway, the film hits UK video shelves 27th May courtesy of Lionsgate films
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