Saturday 11 May 2013

Motel Hell - UK BD/DVD review.

YES, cult classic “Motel Hell” finally gets the special edition treatment courtesy of Arrow films and I managed to blag myself a review copy to take a look at.
The story for this takes place just outside of a small rural town in the American Deep South, where Farmer Vincent makes his speciality smoked meats. But, there’s a reason his particular brand of food tastes so special.
Vincent also happens to run a motel, and for many an unfortunate soul, once they check in they don’t check out. Plus, it seems one of the nearby roads can be a very hazardous place for unwary travellers at night, particularly when farmer Vincent has spike strips and various traps spread over the highway.
The local sheriff seems to be blissfully unawhere of all the missing travellers that have passed through his town, but begins to suspect something is amiss when the health inspector goes missing after investigating Vincent’s smokehouse.
Plus it seems Vincent may have bitten off more than he can chew when he falls in love with one of his young victims and decides to spare her from the smokehouse, who goes on to discover what the main ingredient of what his products is…
Crossing elements of Psycho and Texas Chainsaw, but with a huge dose of campy humour thrown in, the film boasts an interesting cast, which includes western Veteran Rory Calhoun (Night of the Lepus), along with Nancy Parsons (who fans of cult 80s film “Porkys” will remember from her role as Miss Ballbreaker), Paul Linke, who plays the Sheriff (who also starred as a police officer in the cult 80s show “CHiPs” with Eric Estrada) along with American DJ Wolfman Jack (American Graffiti), who has a brief role as an evangelical preacher.
The film has garnered a huge cult following over the years and has been crying out for a special edition release as it has so far only been available on various bare bones releases. Fortunately, Arrow films have come to the rescue and given it the special edition treatment it so richly deserves.
The film is being released in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, which contain the same extras on. Which comprise of…
Audio commentary track with director Kevin Connor, moderated by horror journalist Callum Waddel.
Interview with co-star Paul Link, who plays the Sheriff
Interview with co-star Rosanne Katon
“Ida be thy Name” feature, which is a look at Nancy Pasron’s role as Ida, and various other women in horror, presented by critic Shelagh Rowan-Legg and featuring horror reviewer Staci Layne Wilson and Scream Queens Ellisa Dowling and Chantelle Albers
“Back to the Backwoods” feature, with fellow director Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red)  who discusses his love for the film.
And lastly there’s the original theatrical trailer.
The case also contains an exclusive booklet with linear notes on the film by critic Kim Newman, and the case sleeve contains reversible cover art.
If you're fan of the film, or you wish to check this out, then this Arrow release is definitely a must. The review copy I was sent was a Blu-Ray disc, but the accompanying DVD apparently has the same extras on, so no need to double-dip if you want both HD and SD versions of the film.
The film is released to UK shelves May 13th.
Buy the BD/DVD combo pack at

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