Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Walking Dead : Series 2 - UK box set review

The Walking Dead series 2 hits UK DVD and Blu-Ray this month courtesy of eOne entertainment and they were kind enough to furnish me with a review copy to take a look at.

I won’t review each individual episode, otherwise we’ll be here all night, but to summerise, the series picks up right after series 1, as we follow Rick Grimes and his group of survivors as they attempt to get out of Atlanta and end up seeking refuge at a remote farmhouse just off the highway. Only to find it might not be the safe haven they anticipated.

Packed with even more blood, guts and gore the series features a lot of twists and turns, including the introduction of some new characters and some shock departures culminating in the action packed finale, as the group continue their struggle in a world over run by the walking dead.

The DVD box set contains all 13 episodes spread across 4 discs, the Blu-ray has them spread over 3 discs. Both sets contain the same special features, which are as follows.

“All The Guts Inside”, which shows how Greg Nicotero and his effects team did the effects for the zombie autopsy in the opening episode “What Lies Ahead”

“Live Or Let Die”, in which Producer Gale Anne Hurd and comic author Robert Kirkman examines the story arc between Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh and how it compares to the original comic boo

“The Meat Of The Music” takes us through how composer Bear McCreary writes, composes and conducts the music for the show, complete with interviews with him and the orchestra.

“Fire On Set”, takes a look at the farm used for Herschel’s farm, showing us how they found the location, constructed the extra buildings and filmed the climatic season finale in which they burned the sets to the ground.

“The Ink Is Alive”, Comic book author Robert Kirkman explains how he and the series writers adapted the show from the comic books, and how they chose to make it different and why.

“The Sound Of The Effects”, Foley artists Greg Barbanell  and shelly roden show how the sound effects for each episode where done

“In The Dead Water”, shows how they created the scene with the zombie stuck down the well

“You Could Make a Killing”, which is essentially a behind the scenes making of special of the episode “Judge, Jury, Executioner”, which Greg Nicotero directed himself.

“She Will Fight”, shows how Andrea (Laurie Holden’s character) develops across the series.

“Wardrobe of The Walking Dead”. Costume designer Eulyn Womble (yes that’s her actual name) shows how they dress the zombies for each episode

“The Cast On Season 2”, essentially a preview feature that would have been shown on the TV networks prior to series 2 being screened, in which each cast member reveals a bit about what’s going to happen to their characters over the course of the series.

Each feature runs approximately 10 minutes long and features interviews with the cast and crew.

Then there are the deleted scenes, from the episodes "What Lies Ahead", "Save The Last One" "Secrets", "Pretty Much Dead Already", "Nebraska", "Judge, Jury, Executioner"  "Better Angels" and "Beside The Dying Fire".

Most of which are just extraneous dialogue, showing the group sitting around Herschell’s farm or looking for Sophia, who goes missing in one episode. Though some of the highlights include a cut scene from episode 1 where we find out a bit more about what happened to the gang who were looking after the old folk in the previous series, and Dale finding some preacher broadcasting on the radio, which he takes exception to.

Each scene also has an optional audio commentary track with executive producer Glen Mazzara, which gives a bit more insight into why they filmed them and why ultimately they were cut.

The UK box sets also have an additional “character profile” feature, which is not included on the US set. However, I am unable to review this feature as it was not included in the review copy I got. But irrespective, of whether it’s a worthy addition, there’s plenty of other good stuff on here fans of the series will be delighted with.

The Walking Dead series 2 is released on UK DVD and Blu-Ray August 27th.

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  1. Does this season have cut episodes like the uk blu-ray version of season 1? A few seconds of 'extreme' gore were cut from that release. Im hoping the new season 1 + 2 blu-ray combo set, will re-include that cut footage.

    1. According to the BBFC database, all episodes were passed uncut!