Monday 2 April 2012

Daddies Little Girl - In Production

Australian Director Chris Sun recently got in contact to tell us about his new film "Daddy's Little Girl", which has just finished shooting on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

From the press release...

From controversial Australian Writer/Director Chris Sun comes Daddy’s Little Girl; a story about a single father, his bond with his six year old daughter, and his response to the most heinous of crimes.

Throughout history in Australia there have been many cases of child abduction, abuse and murder. A lot of these cases go unsolved or the abuser gets a basic jail sentence and is released after only a couple of years.

Daddy’s Little Girl is a touching story, influenced by some of cases from the Sunshine Coast, and producers want discussions and debates to start and share with the world that this problem needs to stop. Daddy’s Little Girl also talks about single parenting in Australia and how it is now more common today than past decades.

This film aims to pose the question, if you had the choice, what would you do, and what are the possible consequences of those decisions?

For more info about this film, visit the official Facebook page.

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