Saturday 24 February 2024

Short horror ESCALATION - At the Romford Horror festival.

Director Christian Bachini got in touch to tell us about his horror short ESCALATION, which is being shown at this years Romford Horror Festival.

ESCALATION is a full blown homage to the old school European horror style, from Italy's Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava style gore movies to the gothic and eerie style of Hammer and Amicus films. 

The film started its festival run in the US, but is getting it's final screening at Romford Horror in the UK, which is were the movie style belongs.

Speaking of the film the director said "I believe it doesn't matter how much budget US horror films have or which stars they use, at the end of the day the horror and genre movies that truly leave a mark are those which come from European filmmakers. The style, the cinematography, the lighting, everything we do has a sort of spooky charme that audiences worldwide cannot avoid falling in love with."

View the Trailer on YouTube

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