Tuesday 6 February 2024

Francesco Gabriele's BEHAVE - Screening at this years Romford Horror Festival

Thespian Films are pleased to announce that the feature film BEHAVE directed by Francesco Gabriele has been selected for this years Romford Horror Film Festival and will be screened on Sunday 3rd March at 2.00 p.m. in Screen 7.

The Horror Mystery tells the story of a group of eccentric young adults taken to a villa on the outskirts of London following the death of their friend, they are shocked to discover a mysterious entity appears to have followed them to their luxurious getaway. 

Villa Helen contains a deep mystery that the group must explore to discover the reasoning for the strange happenings during their ‘relaxing’ holiday. A creepy Gardener, a world-famous TikTok star and a lonely old Landlord all come into question as the entity starts to make its presence known to the group. 

Follow Keira, Andrea, Callum, India, Lily, all chaperoned by Andrea’s mother Polly, as they aim to survive their mysterious surroundings. Brought here to learn how to behave in modern society, the group must learn about each other, and who not to trust. 

Director Francesco Gabriele is an Italian Award winning Film Director based in London and the founder of the production company Thespian Films Ltd. With a career spanning over a decade, he has directed and produced several films that have been selected and awarded in prestigious International Film Festivals. Francesco is an alumnus of the London Film School and of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a member of Directors UK and the Screen Acting Programme Lead at St Mary’s University London.

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