Tuesday 20 February 2024


This month, Goredrome Pictures is proud to announce the release of THE WIND, the 1986 American slasher film directed by Nico Mastorakis (Island of Death), the extreme film TRYPOPHOBIC POSSESSION about trypophobia and VISIONS OF FILTH, the sixth film of the Abomination Collection series.

All of them are already available for pre-order on Goredrome Pictures and TetroVideo official websites together with the new edition with 2 discs of the 1987 italian cult film Cross of the Seven Jewels (aka La croce dalle sette pietre) by Eddy Endolf.

THE WIND (aka The Edge of Terror) is a film with a number of genre influences and is co-written, produced and directed by Nico Mastorakis. It stars Meg Foster (They Live, Leviathan), Wings Hauser, Robert Morley and David McCallum and the story follows Sian Anderson, a famous mystery author who is under attack by an assailant during a windy night in Monemvasia in Greece.

THE WIND comes in a Limited Mediabook edition (Cover A and B) + 2 Blu-ray discs, Slipcover, Booklet and 2 cards.

Slipcovers and cards are limited to the pre-order customers only.

TRYPOPHOBIC POSSESSION (2023) is an extreme horror film starring Cory DeAn Cowley (6 Songs), an SFX artist and indie actress known for her visceral style, extreme works and dark art

TRYPOPHOBIC POSSESSION comes in a Ultralimited Mediabook edition (Cover A and Cover B) + 2 Blu-ray discs, Slipcover, Booklet and 2 cards. The second disc, cards and slipcovers are limited to the pre-order customers only.

The film is about Trypophobia, an aversion to the sight of repetitive patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. TRYPOPHOBIC POSSESSION, Cory DeAn Cowley plays a disturbed woman affected by this particular phobia which will drag her into a vortex of madness and death. 

Written and directed by Jason Impey, VISIONS OF FILTH (2021) is the sixth film of the Abomination Collection series that includes Scarlet Piss Princess, Necromaniacs, Beyond Dark Dreams, Mutilation Theatre and Solitude of the Tormentors.

The film is available in the standard edition (DVD + booklet).

The story follows a dying man (Martin W. Payne - Videoshop : Tales of Terror) who relives his past crimes in his last few days. His final act of depravity is coming back to haunt him on his death bed.

Martin W. Payne, Kieran Johnston, Rina Julia and Peter Tilley star.

Available to pre-order on TetroVideo and Goredrome.


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