Thursday 24 November 2022


This month, TetroVideo is proud to announce the releases of three horror/extreme films. Starting today, it's possible to pre-order the Russian horror film VISIONS OF SUFFERING (2006) by Andrey Iskanov, the horror porn film HYDE'S SECRET NIGHTMARE (2011) by Domiziano Cristopharo and XXX COLLECTION with the extreme horror anthology films XXX DEEP WEB (2018) and  XXX DARK WEB (2020).

All of them come in a Limited Mediabook edition and are available for pre-order on TetroVideo and Goredrome official websites.


Produced, written and directed by Andrey Iskanov (Nails, Philosophy of a Knife, Ingression), the surreal and visionary horror film VISIONS OF SUFFERING (2006) comes in a 3-disc Mediabook limited edition (only 300 copies) both with the Director's Cut and also the Original Cut: Blu-ray + DVD + Soundtrack CD + 20-page Booklet + Slipcover (limited to the pre-order customers) with english, italian and french subtitles.
In VISIONS OF SUFFERING, demons cross the divide between the world of dreams and waking reality to capture a victim and drag him back to their nightmarish realm.
Igor Anikin, Alexandra Batrumova, Yukari Fujimoto, Svyatoslav Iliyasov, Alexander Kravchenko, Zoya Alexandrovna Makarova, Irina Nikitina, Igor Orlov, Alexander Shevchenko and Andrey Iskanov star.


Thanks to TetroVideo, the horror porn film HYDE'S SECRET NIGHTMARE (2011) is released in an uncut version for the first time ever.

Directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (Nightmare Symphony, Xpiation) and starring italian hard actress Roberta Gemma, Hyde's Secret Nightmare comes in a limited 2-Disc Mediabook edition (150 copies only): 2 DVDs, 44-page Booklet + Slipcover (limited to the pre-order customers), with english and french subtitles.

The story follows Henry Chagall (Claudio Zanelli), a young doctor/mad scientist who is desperately trying to find a scientific solution to cure his impotence. For his work he uses some stolen female corpses and one day he stumbles upon an elixir that turns him into a beautiful woman (Roberta Gemma) for a short period of time. So he starts exploring the world from a different perspective...

Claudio Zanelli (H.P. Lovecraft: Two Left Arms), Nancy De Lucia, Giovanni La Gorga, Andy Spider, Adam Ford, Poison Rouge (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice), Chiara Pavoni (Xpiation), Giovanna Nocetti, Alvia Reale (TetroManiac: Confessions of a Necrophile Girl), Yuri Antonosante, Domiziano Cristopharo and the well-known italian actor Venantino Venantini (City of the Living Dead) star.


The infamous extreme anthology films XXX DEEP WEB (2018) and XXX DARK WEB (2020) are back in a very limited 2-Disc Mediabook edition (50 copies only): 2 DVDs + 20-page Booklet - No language.

Both films explore the theme of the vast unknown spaces in the non-indexed internet.

XXX DEEP WEB consists of the following segments:

– “Acid” by Domiziano Cristopharo;
– “Queens, No Hearts” by Martyna Madej;
– “Exposure” by Jason Impey;
– “Cruising” by Domiziano Cristopharo;
– “Eucharist” by Elisa Carrera Fumagalli;
– “Test 424” by Sam Mason Bell;
– “Feed Me More” by Davide Pesca;
– “Stalker” by Emanuele Marchetto.

Considered one of the best extreme films, the brutal anthology film XXX DARK WEB is a TetroVideo exclusive and is the sequel to XXX Deep Web.

It consists of the following segments:

– “Curiosity Killed the Cat” – Prologue – by Lorenzo Zanoni and Domiziano Cristopharo
– “TeknoBarbie” by Domiziano Cristopharo
– “The Prosperity of Vice” by Alex Hern├índez
– “Dolls” by Emanuele Marchetto
– “Deconstructing Roberto” by Adam Ford
– “Allison’s Mouth fills up with Blood and Semen” by Daniel Valient - White Gardenia.

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