Thursday 24 November 2022

One Script, Two Different Films - PANIC and CONVULSION - Coming soon

Cinema Epoch and Cineridge Entertainment have released the posters and trailers for the sci-fi thrillers, PANIC and CONVULSION. An experimental production where both films used mostly the same script to make two different films, with two different pairs of lead actors. 

Saint Heart and Shane Ryan-Reid star in PANIC, and Leonard Zhang and Jose Adam Alvarez star in CONVULSION. Supporting actors Chris Spinelli, Nicole D'Angelo, Johnny Mask and Lisa London served double duty on both films, along with director Gregory Hatanaka, from a script by Jamie Grefe. 

Both films were produced by Gregory Hatanaka, Shane Ryan-Reid, Chris Spinelli, Kelley Daniel, Nicole D'Angelo, Nino Cimino and Louis DeStefano. 

 View the trailers below...

The films will be released separately some time in 2023.

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