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DON'T DRINK THE VIPER! In the sleazy, foreboding world of winos & derelicts in mid-80's New York City, two young runaways - Fred and his younger brother Kevin - live in a tire igloo in the back of a vast auto wrecking yard. Fred takes out his anger at the world, but Kevin yearns to rejoin society and lead a normal life.
Threats abound on all sides: A gang of bums calling themselves the Flatbush Foot Brigade are hunting Fred for money he stole from their leader Bronson, a homicidal veteran that carries a knife carved from a human femur bone. There's also a hard-nosed cop, a vengeful Mafia don, the lecherous junkyard owner and a wisecracking doorman, none of whom are particularly fond of our unwashed heroes. 
But the most lethal threat is the case of Tenafly Viper wine at Ed's Liquor Store. He found the swill in the dusty basement and is selling it for a dollar per bottle. Only problem is the stuff's gone bad - real bad - and anyone that drinks it melts into a puddle of bubbly, toxic goo!
The brothers must overcome these obstacles - and find peace with each other - if they're to have any hope of survival!
For the FIRST TIME EVER... A movie-to-comics adaptation by the creators of the original cult classic monsterpiece!
Mike Lackey played Fred and created gore effects for STREET TRASH, often called the "Ultimate Melt Movie!" Now he's written and drawn a magnum opus that's bigger, badder and brasher than everyone's favorite Video Nasty! As a writer and managing editor for Marvel Comics, Mike contributed to Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, The Punisher, G.I. Joe, Conan the Barbarian, What If?, Ren & Stimpy and Beavis & Butt-Head.
Roy Frumkes wrote and produced the STREET TRASH movie, and he's closely supervised the creation of this graphic novel to ensure it's every bit as outrageous to appease our rabid fans! Roy was also screenwriter for The Substitute, appeared in the original Dawn of the Dead as the Pie-in-the-Face Zombie, and produced The Meltdown Memoirs and Document of the Dead.
Cool Stuff About This Book:
- 244 pages of hilarious, hyper-detailed art rendered in glorious black & white in the tradition of Creepy, Eerie and MAD Magazine.
- See the secret origins of all your favorite bums, winos and miscreants!
- Includes a special ALL-TRUE BONUS feature, Cool Heads Prevail, chronicling how a young Mike Lackey carried rubber prop heads from the STREET TRASH set on to a commuter train and ran afoul with transit police. See Mike's actual mugshot!
- Great for fans of pervasive bad language, violence and other naughty stuff.

Reviews for the STREET TRASH movie:

"Loathsome, foul, and degrading, a treat for anyone that thinks they've seen it all." - George A. Romero

"STREET TRASH is the most offensive movie I've ever seen. It deliberately goes where no movie has ever gone before." - Tom Savini

STREET TRASH: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL is available exclusively on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback versions. 

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