Thursday 10 November 2022

EuroObscura Movies - Now Available on Prime Video in the UK

EuroObscura, the international sales agency specialising in European horror movies, is now making many of its titles available on Prime Video in the United Kingdom.

Films such as KILLBILLIES (aka IDILA), the first horror movie from Slovenia. Inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, KILLBILLIES has been released in over 10 countries. Then there’s LANDING LAKE, science fiction that borders on the body horror, shot on 35mm, also now streaming on Prime Video.

On Prime Video, you’ll find TUFTLAND, the mystery thriller from Finnish director Roope Olenius, winner of the best directing award at Other World Festival in Austin, and EVERYBLOODY’S END (aka CRUCIFIED), a horror by Killing Birds director Claudio Lattanzi and starring Cinzia Monreale (The Beyond, Stendhal Syndrome), Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Cannibal Ferox, The Omen 666) and Marina Loi (Demons 2, Zombie 3). Other titles released are BLOODLINE, WITCHSTAR, PHANTASMAGORIA, EXILE, MCBETTER, MONKEY BOY and THE PYRAMID.

Founded in 2010, EuroObscura has established itself as a leading sales agency for genre movies coming from Europe, operating mostly in the North American market, and with a special focus on Italian horror movies. According to its sales director Marco Magni: “The release of some of our catalogue in the UK is a major step for us. Finally horror movie fans in the UK will be able to easily find some titles never released there.”

For more information about EuroObscura’s catalogue of films, you can visit their website at or their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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