Tuesday 4 October 2022

Supernatural Horror HE'S WATCHING - on Digital Download 17 October

HE'S WATCHING is a terrifying supernatural horror from Jacob Estes, the Director of Blumhouse’s Don’t Let Go, and a gripping, original take on the found-footage horror genre.

Siblings Iris and Lucas are home alone while their parents recover from a mysterious illness. Fending for themselves the two kids start a video diary to document their time and the deserted world around them. 

However, when they start to notice unsettling footage appearing that they haven’t filmed, Lucas and Iris soon realise that they have become the victims of something far more sinister than a virus…

Starring director Jacob Estes’ own children Iris Serena Estes and Lucas Steel Estes,
HE'S WATCHING incorporates pandemic-induced fears to push the found-footage genre in a bold new direction with this surreal and supernatural isolation nightmare.

Blue Finch Film Releasing presents
HE'S WATCHING on Digital Download 17 October

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