Tuesday 4 October 2022

Director Lucky McKee to feature on Horror Makes Us Happy Podcast - Episode 69

The 69th episode of Horror Makes Us Happy will be released Friday, October 28th, in perfect time to celebrate Halloween this year.  

In this installment they interview Lucky McKee, director of May, The Woman, and All Cheerleaders Die.  McKee is also known for his contributions to Tales of Halloween, Deathcember, and Darlin’.  The interview will be available on the Horror Makes Us Happy website, and all major podcasting platforms.

The meat of each interview covers their guest’s exposure to horror media, from childhood through adulthood, with an emphasis on digging up the deeper psychological reasons that guest, as an individual, loves horror.  

Cohosts Steve Becker and Chris Whitman hope that after interviewing enough horror fans some interesting trends will arise, ones that could be handed back to mainstream academia.  As they say in their excerpts on their Youtube channel, "There are good reasons for enjoying horror – but what are those reasons?  The real reasons?  Not the ones horror fans learn to make people leave them alone."

About Horror Makes Us Happy: The hosts of the Horror Makes Us Happy podcast are Steve Becker and Chris Whitman.  Steve wrote A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox after ten years in recovery (now twenty), and Chris is the author and artist behind the horror webcomic PIECES.  You can find out more about Steve, Chris, and their projects at https://HorrorMakesUsHappy.com

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  1. Thanks for helping us spread the word! A lot of nice coincidences all lined up for this. It's our 69th interview, it's with a great director, it'll release the Friday before Halloween, and it was a great call, too (especially the last 15 minutes). Really happy about this one!