Friday 20 January 2017

Sadako vs Kayako - Shudder Exclusive - A Review

The worlds of “The Ring” and “Ju-On : The Grudge” collide in “Sadako vs Kayako”, which is available exclusively through AMC’s streaming service Shudder UK this month.

 A couple of University students, Yuri (Mizuki Yamamoto) and Natsumi (Aimi Satsukawa), purchase an old video recorder from a second hand junk store to transfer some VHS tapes onto DVDr.

Unfortunately, the machine contains a VHS tape of the old Ring curse film and Natsumi inadvertently ends up watching it. Attempts to prevent the curse from taking effect go disastrously wrong, resulting in a hilariously botched exorcism, amongst other calamities. But the good news is, help is at hand.

A demon hunter named Keizo (Masanobu Ando), who specialises in vanquishing vengeful spirits, has a cunning plan. A high school student named Suzuka (Tina Tamashiro) has entered the cursed Saeki House, and the spirits within are now after her. So he figures if both girls enter the house and watch the tape, it will prompt both sets of evil spirits, Sadako (from the Ring) and Kayoko (from Ju-On) to appear and they will destroy each other.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Now, to my shame, I’ve only ever seen the first Ring movie and have never seen any of the Ju-On films, so wasn’t sure what to expect from this, but was pleasantly surprised. If you liked “The Ring”, “Ju-On”, or any of those Japanese supernatural horrors, then you’ll love this, which will also have you laughing at the juxtaposed scenes of black humour. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is a comedy, this one is bound to send shivers down your spine.

"Sadako vs Kayako" is available from Jan 26, exclusively on Shudder UK.

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