Tuesday 2 August 2016

UNSPOKEN - on UK Digital 22 Aug and DVD 5 Sep.

Coming soon to UK DVD and Digital outlets, from Director Sheldon Wilson (Shallow Ground, Scarecrow) and Producer Steven Schneider (Insidious, Paranormal Activity films, Blair Witch). In 1997, the close-knit Anderson family vanished from their home without a trace. No bodies were ever found and, the notorious Briar House remained undisturbed. Until now…

When new arrivals in town, Jeanie and her nine year old daughter Adrian, move into the house, they are unaware of its grisly past. But before long the local Sheriff calls, investigating recent reports of animal sacrifices, apparitions and other sinister events. 

It seems that the past is still very much in the present and the new tenants must now face a fight for survival in this terrifying ghost story with an insidious sting in its tail.

Starring Jodelle Ferland (Silent Hill, Cabin in the Woods) as the teenager with the uneviable task of babysitting in a very unnerving spook house and Pascale Hutton (Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, Fringe). Unspoken received its world premiere at the 2015 London Halloween Frighfest and will be available from UK Digital outlets 22 Aug and on UK DVD 5 Sep.

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